First things first

I am so excited to share my summer adventures with my friends, family, classmates, and colleagues through this medium. As most of you already know, I am spending 3 months in Nairobi, Kenya as a Research Intern at Population Council, an INGO that conducts research and implements programs to improve the lives of the most vulnerable populations around the world. As I plan to have a career in Global Health after completing my Master of Public Health program at UCLA, this internship will undoubtedly be a crucial step in fulfilling that goal and lend immensely to my personal and professional growth.

Through this blog, I not only plan to highlight key learnings from my internship experience, but to also share with everyone a little bit about my daily life in Nairobi – from what I’m eating to the sites I’m visiting. I’m excited to use this as a space to reflect upon my time here and to take you all along for the ride! Just as a point of reference, more formal blog entries that specifically reflect¬†upon my internship and field work will be titled ‘Internship Reflections: Week X.’

I would also like to take this time to recognize and thank all the wonderful people in my life who have supported me throughout my journey and encouraged me to travel half way across the world to follow my dreams. I also want to thank the Fielding School of Public Health, Dean Jody Heymann, Dr. Ninez Ponce, the UCLA Center for Global and Immigrant Health, and all of the sponsors who have made this international experience truly possible.

Warmest wishes,


Pictured @ Toi Market, Kibera, Nairobi: Me trying a local citrus variety; Eunice, a fruit and vegetable vendor

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